About me


You don't know me but I may already know who you are.

I am Armand, the little neuron, in charge of visual archive filing. I used to work for a (cerebral) outfit belonging to some guy who had decided to make me file, usually in a rush, everything he saw as he was wandering about at lunchtime, hands in pockets and nose to the wind. I swear, some people just have nothing better to do.

In short, I was getting tired of that stuff and so, when I saw an ad for a discounted 4 MP digital camera, I told myself here is an offer we can't refuse.

So, I sent an email to my colleagues in the FLCI (Frontal Lobe for Clever Initiatives), asking them to add this item to the agenda of the next budget summit.

Good for me, because the motion was adopted, the hardware acquired and installed, and since then life has been sweet and easy, no more overtime, I can just coast until early retirement.

Funniest of all, the colleagues of the FLWD (Frontal Lobe for Web Design) -- you know, those smart alecks who think they're so clever because they can spout HTML -- are now the ones saddled with all the work (nah nah nah).

Well then, have a good visit. As for me, it's back to training for the perfect nap.

Translated by Claude Ostyn. (Thanks a lot)